KidSight Connecticut™

KidSight Connecticut™ is a public health initiative created by the Connecticut Association of Optometrists (CAO), which encompasses two distinct programs to promote eye and vision care for children and infants here in Connecticut:

Kids Welcome Here™

The Kids Welcome Here™ campaign is a commitment by optometrists who are members of the CAO to ensure that our children have the best possible vision and visual skills to use in their educational years and future lives. It is our goal to increase public awareness that infants and children deserve to have regular comprehensive vision examinations.

Children’s Vision 1-3-5™

The Children’s Vision 1-3-5™ campaign reminds parents when their young children need to have an eye examination from their optometrist: BEFORE AGE 1, at AGE 3 and at AGE 5 before entering first grade. The earlier a child’s vision problems are detected, the more responsive the visual system will be to treatment, and you will be ensuring your child has the best possible vision skills to learn.

The exam before age 1

The American Optometric Association and the Connecticut Association of Optometrists recommend that a child should have his/her first eye examination by an optometrist at six months of age. Why? Because your optometrist will examine the eyes for disease and normal eye structure development. Infants will be checked for possible signs of amblyopia (lazy eye), crossed-eyes and other focusing problems. Early detection is often critical in preventing vision problems that can have lifelong effects. CAO optometrists participating in the InfantSEE™ program will provide this examination at no cost as a public service to our patients.

The exam at age 3

At age 3, your child’s visual acuity and eye health will be assessed. Eye movement skills, focusing and binocular vision skills (the ability of the two eyes to work together as a team) will be evaluated. The eyes will again be checked for warning signs of amblyopia, which is most responsive to treatment if diagnosed by the age of 3.


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